Feature Set Alerts

Create and manage alerts to monitor your feature sets effectively

Feature set alerts help you track and maintain the status of batch feature sets.

Currently, only alerts for batch feature set failures are supported. These alerts notify you when a batch feature set ingestion fails, enabling you to take immediate action.


Monitoring Integrations

Before setting up alerts, please make sure that the relevant integrations and channels are configured. For more information, please see the Alert Integrations guide.

Creating Feature Set Alerts

  • Browse to Qwak app β†’ Feature Sets.

  • Select a Feature Set.

  • Go to Alerts tab.

  • Click Create new alert β†’

  • Failure (notification on failed feature set ingestion)

  • Choose the relevant alert channels to be notified through

  • If you do not see any channels - make sure you add channels under Alert Integrations

  • Add optional description which will be attached to the alert body when the alert is sent.

  • Save the Alert


General constraints

  • Alerts must be connected to at least one channel.
  • Alert channels may not be deleted if an alert is connected to them.