AI Providers

Deploy your own LLMs on Qwak or integrate with your preferred AI providers


Qwak lets you deploy your own open-source LLMs available in the Qwak Model Library, or integrate with external AI providers such as OpenAI.

When managing, testing, and deploying your prompts in production, seamlessly use models deployed on Qwak or integrate with your preferred AI providers.


Available Integrations

Currently supported integrations include Qwak Model Library and OpenAI. Additional integrations will be provided in future releases.

OpenAI Integration

To integrate Qwak prompts with OpenAI, navigate to Integrations under Settings -> Integrations -> OpenAI and paste your OpenAI API key from the OpenAI platform.

This enables you to use your OpenAI account directly within the Qwak platform. Once connected, you can experiment from the prompt playground or invoke prompt responses using our Prompt SDK to use prompts from any type of deployment.

What’s Next